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John Annunziato (Principal) is a dedicated, hands-on professional with over 30 years of experience in a variety of logistics situations that include: e-commerce, retail, pick/pack and bulk shipping for both domestic and international markets. John is accustomed to working in fast-paced, volatile environments and his goal is to customize a solution for your logistics needs.

Some of the organizations that John has worked with during his career include: Legacy Kitchen Designs, Choice Linens, Asendia, USA (International Distribution Company), Techni-Tool Inc. (World-Wide Tool Distributor), The Franklin Mint (International Collectable Company), several Federal and local agencies, such as the FBI, Secret Service,  USA Customs and Border Patrol and ICE.

Services Offered


· Establishing of productivity goals for employees

• Pick/Pack and Storage Optimization  

• Inventory Control and Cycle counting   

• Shipping analysis to minimize delivery time and cost  

• Distribution Center/Warehouse Layout and Work-Flow design   

• WMS Implementation and Management   

• Training and Operational Management Development   

• Project Management   

• Gap Analysis

• 3PL Audit Analysis


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"I had the chance to work with John and watch him navigate a complex distribution operation going through a complete transformation. Like all great operators and managers, he led with a steady hand, set the course, challenged the norm, drove continuous improvement and kept the group together with clear communication. He never rattled and while the business transformed, he continued to service customers every day without interruption. John shared his knowledge and was a good business partner. I was early in my career, and my definition and benchmark for a great operator became John. To this day, I still compare every operator I meet to John."

Rich Tannenbaum SVP of IT

"John was an inspiring coach, mentor and supporter of my growth early on in my career. He challenged me to perform and supported me so that I could be successful both personally and professionally. He was a great leader and I admire his interpersonal skills and business acumen."

Brad Marg VP/GM @ Stellar  Loyalty

Working with John in the early part of my career was essential to my success today. John really knows how to optimize logistics and the computer systems behind them."

Mark Barlam  Sr. Citrix Engineer at AmeriHealth Caritas

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Our vision is to help clients increase profitability and capacity, while building a trusting and professional relationship.  We work to create long-term improvements and transfer the knowledge to our clients. We know that embracing "people"  is key to success.

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